Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the parent or guardian enrolling a dancer with Bouncy Ballerinas. Any use of the word “you” or “your” refers to the parent or guardian and any use of “us” “our” or “we” refers to Bouncy Ballerinas within these Terms and Conditions. The term Make Up Class refers to a class at any of Bouncy Ballerinas locations within the same age group as your dancer. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as it will be assumed once you have enrolled your Ballerina that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

Covid 19

Due to restrictions from QLD health there will be some significant changes in Bouncy Ballerinas operation. Some of the important changes are as follows.

1 Parents / Guardians will not be aloud to stay and view their Childs class unless they are participating in the Bubba Ballerinas Class. ( If your child isn’t able to cope without his/her parent/ Guardian an exception may be granted on a class by class basis as long as it doesn’t compromise the maximum people permitted in the hall indicated by Queensland Health.)

2. Parents / Guardians will now be required to sign their child in at the main entrance on arrival wile remaining outside of the building allowing the teacher to take their child inside. Pick up will be conducted in  the same way with children handed over at the main entrance,  having the parent/ guardian sign them out.

3. Parents / Guardians will remain close enough to the hall with their phone able to receive calls,  allowing them to assist their child if he or she needs to use the toilet.

4.Parents / Guardians and accompanying children will abide by social distancing restrictions wile waiting to drop off and pick up their child.

5.Children attending class will arrive dressed in their clothing that they will be wearing in class and will refrain from getting changed in the hall.

Lastly conducting pre-school ballet classes presents risks when it comes to Covid19. The covid safe plan and QLD health restrictions reduce these risks but do not eliminate them. By enrolling your child in a Bouncy Ballerinas you accept the risk from Covid19 and will not hold Bouncy Ballerinas accountable in the event Covid19 is encountered as a result of attending a Bouncy Ballerinas Class.

If Classes are forced to be cancelled due to restrictions imposed by the Queensland Government Credit for the remaining classes will be offered for when classes resume.

Please note contact information will be handed over to the authorities if requested by the Queensland Government.

Please note do to the constantly changing environment the above information may be out of date. The Industry Covid safe plan for dance and performing arts will always take priority over any covid related procedures listed in these terms and conditions.  Please read the industry covid safe plan available here before Enrolling or booking a free Trial to fully understand the restrictions on Bouncy Ballerinas Classes. https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0021/134715/covid-safe-industry-plan-dance-physical-performing-arts.pdf?nocache-v7



New Enrolments and Trials

New students to Bouncy Ballerinas may be given the option to have a Free Trial class which can be booked on the Bouncy Ballerinas website. Parents are always welcome to stay and watch the class if your child is trialing. However, taking videos and photographs of the trial class is not allowed. Free Trials may not be available on your preferred date or time due to class sizes, but all efforts will be made to accommodate your dancer’s trial. Enrolment will be made on a term basis. Individual bookings outside of the Free Trial will be offered at the discretion of Bouncy Ballerinas. Individual booking will be charged per class as listed on the website. All dancers are welcome to join a term at any point after the term has commenced subject to class sizes. Only one free trial per student is permitted when free trials are offered.


Promotions may be offered throughout the term or at any Time Bouncy Ballerinas chooses. Promotions cannot be combined with other promotions and are subject to change at bouncy Ballerinas Discretion. Promotions such as discounts and free Merchandise for enrolments are based on enrolments made Via the Bouncy Ballerinas Enrolment page on the Bouncy Ballerinas Website.



Re-Enrolment will be accomplished through invoice or Class Portal. If you do not wish to re-enroll please inform  Bouncy Ballerinas via email Info@bouncyballerinas.com.au  Enrolment will only be completed once the invoice is paid. Early Enrolment is strongly recommended to secure your Ballerinas spot as class sizes are limited.


Class Fees

Term fees are nonrefundable and must be paid in full prior to starting. Failure to pay for your Dancers fees may result in their class spot being filled. All fees must be paid before your dancer attends their first class other than a Free Trial or your Ballerina could be excluded. Ballerinas joining once the school term has commenced will be charged on a pro-rata basis.



Tutu’s purchased from Bouncy Ballerinas or included in a Bouncy Ballerina promotion cannot be returned for refund or exchange once the Tutu has left Bouncy Ballerinas Possession. Tutus will be collected at the students dance location on the first class after the Tutu has been purchased or in the case of a promotion the first day of class after enrolment. There may be a delay in receiving your tutu if there is less then one week before the students first class after enrolling or purchasing a Tutu. Bouncy Ballerinas Tutus are limited in their sizes and may not fit all students perfectly, It is your responsibility to make sure your happy with the Tutu before accepting it. If you purchased a Tutu on the Bouncy Ballerina Website and cannot find a Tutu that fits a refund will be given. If you received a complimentary tutu through a promotion or enrollment you will have to choose a tutu in the sizes available no further discount will be provided. Tutus offered Via a promotion will only be available wile stalks last.



Missed Classes & Cancellations

Classes missed for any reason including personal reasons will not be refunded. Subject to availability and class sizes a Makeup Class can be booked within the same term as the missed class. Please contact Bouncy Ballerinas at info@bouncyballerinas.com.au to arrange the Makeup Class or call 0406675344. If a class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a Makeup Class will be offered. Cancelations may be last minute, and notifications will be made via text message to your provided mobile number. It is your responsibility to ensure the contact numbers on file are up to date.


Public Holidays

There will be no classes on Public Holidays. If your class falls on a Public Holiday your term fees will be adjusted accordingly.


Class Schedule and Locations

The class schedule is subject to customer demand. No class is guaranteed. If fewer than 3 students enrol in a class, the class location may be moved. This maybe temporary or permanent. If the new location does not suit you or your dancer a refund for the term If the term hasn’t commenced, or the remainder of the term if the term has already commenced will be offered. If the move is temporary a Makeup Class or classes will be offered for the class/classes that are missed because of the move.


Classes and Viewing

Dancers that are between the ages of 18 Months and 3 Years old must be accompanied by an adult or guardian that is able to participate and dance with their ballerina throughout the class.

For Dancers aged between 3 – 5 Years we welcome Parents to come in and watch their Child’s Class. As your Child’s confidence grows we encourage parents to leave the classroom to build independence. This is of Course at your own discretion and when you feel your child is ready for this step.

If you are our fabulous audience during a class please be mindful of the noise levels and keep movement in the studio minimal.  This can be a distraction to Ballerinas & Ballerinos,  Teachers and other parents. Recording devices and videos are not permitted. Still Photography is only permitted of your child and only during viewing weeks or concerts.

If you decide to kiss, cuddle and see you in 45 minutes we kindly ask parents to remain close to the classroom incase your dancer need to use the facilities. If you do need to leave the premises the teacher will have to ask another parent to assist your child to and from the bathroom. Under no circumstances will the teacher be able to leave the classroom.


Dropping/Picking Up Children

Please come in and say hello. We love to know the parents and guardians of our beautiful dancers. Having strong parent teacher communication is very important to us so we would like all parents/guardians to always feel welcome to come in and have a talk to teachers.

For this reason, please bring your child inside the classroom and seat them in the middle of the dance floor once they are dressed, ready and settled. This way we can all greet, have a discussion and read our storybook.

Once class has finished the teacher will open the doors allowing for Children and Guardians to leave the studio. If you are not in the studio with your child viewing the class you must come into the classroom to collect your dancer. Under no circumstances can a child meet a parent/guardian in any area other than the classroom. If you are collecting two children, please advise the teacher.

Once all the children are collected I will allow for the next class to enter. This makes a smooth transition between classes.

Whilst waiting for your class to start it’s a good idea to take your child to use the toilet to save any unforeseen accidents.



We all love to capture those special moments of pure joy and happiness in a child. It gives Bouncy Ballerinas pride and joy to watch dancers having the time of their lives in class, and we would love to share these moments with other potential dancers. To accomplish this once you have enrolled your dancer at Bouncy Ballerinas you will be giving your permission for Bouncy Ballerinas to take photos and videos of you dancer for advertising and promotional purposes in all forms including but not limited to social media and the Bouncy Ballerinas website. If this is something you do not want your child to be a part of please notify Bouncy Ballerinas in writing when enrolling. If you would like to capture these moments for your own viewing you may record or take pictures of your own child only during the Viewing Days assigned during the term. Pictures are taken on occasion of class activities and distributed to the family members of the children attending class. If you are not comfortable with this please contact bouncy ballerinas at info@bouncyballerinas.com.au before enrolling.



Ballet is a physical activity and like anything can involve risks and personal injury. Whilst all due care is taken in our classes by enrolling with Bouncy Ballerinas you release Bouncy Ballerinas and all employees of Bouncy Ballerinas from liability and responsibility for any injuries to you or your child or loss caused during classes.




You are responsible for ensuring your child is in good health both physically and medically. When enrolling you must disclose any medical conditions, allergies or injuries and keep Bouncy Ballerinas updated in writing.

In a medical emergency the teacher of the class may seek medical attention including ambulance services if necessary. Any costs associated will be at your expense.



Terms and Conditions maybe revised, modified or amended at any time. All alterations will be on the Bouncy Ballerinas website and is your responsibility to read.

There is more information available on our Q&A page, or feel free to contact us with any questions you would like answered or clarified at info@bouncyballerinas.com.au



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