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Lets Get Twirling!!

Bouncy Ballerinas offer Preschool Ballet classes for ages 18 Months-5 Years of age. Our classes are based on magical Fairytales to keep your little dancer engaged whilst learning and retaining new information and movement. Captivating storyline’s flourish their amazing imaginations whilst the dazzling props illustrate movement and reinforce the technical elements being taught. Each lesson plan has specific learning objectives for the different age groups and mesmerizing music to develop their musicality and explore different forms of movement. Above all Bouncy Ballerinas is about having FUN whilst learning in a nurturing and supportive classroom environment.

Communication is a two-way street and I feel that the more I know about your child the better I can accommodate their needs. Please always feel free to come in for a chat, send an email or better yet give me a call. I will regularly keep you updated on your child’s progress through emails, viewing weeks and award systems.

This is a common question and the answer is YES. We love our Bouncy Ballerinos to join in the fun. After all every Fairytale needs a Prince!

We all know children love to dress themselves. One day a superhero the next a mermaid? Or it may just be layers of socks and skirts. At Bouncy Ballerinas we love to see the latest fashion trends so let your dancer show off their creative fashion flare in class.

Yes! This is an optional event. It’s a special day for your Bouncy Ballerina to show off what they have learnt during the year in a beautifully themed costume. It will be held at your child’s usual class location and time slot. Information and costume purchase details will be sent out during the year.

If you are not in the studio to view your Childs class we ask parents and guardians to wait close by the classroom in case your child needs to use the facilities. If you do need to leave the premises the teacher will have to ask another parent to assist your child to and from the bathroom. Under no circumstances will the teacher be able to leave the classroom.

Bubba Ballerinas

Bubba Ballerinas is a special class where you will dance alongside your tiny dancer. You can watch their every step and share their growth and development. Don’t Worry! You don’t need to be a Prima Ballerina so jump into some comfy clothes and get on those Tip Toes.
Please feel free to bring along Baby Ballerinos and Ballerinas. They can bounce around with you in a baby pouch/sling or be our audience from the pram/capsule.

3-5 Years

As Parents we don’t want to miss a thing. That’s why at Bouncy Ballerinas we welcome parents to come in and watch their Childs class.

Bouncy Ballerinas is about children learning in a nurturing and supportive environment whilst having Fun and sometimes that means having loved ones close by.

As your Childs confidence blossoms we encourage parents to leave the class to build independence and school readiness. This is of course at your own discretion and when you feel your child is ready for this step.

If you are our fabulous audience during a class please be mindful of noise levels and movement within the studio. This can be a distraction to Ballerinas and ballerinos, Teachers and other parents. Please keep recording devices away until Viewing week which are held in Week 5 and 10 of each term.

Of course, if your child is sick, we do prefer for them to stay at home and rest up. Bouncy Ballerinas offers a Make Up Class which you can organise by emailing info@bouncyballerinas.com.au or calling 0406675344.

If you are jet-setting away for a much-needed break give me a call on 0406675344 to organise Make Up Classes or other arrangements.

Bouncy Ballerinas
Bouncy Ballerinas