The Benefits Of Preschool Ballet

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The Benefits Of Preschool Ballet

Bouncy Ballerinas is not just about learning Ballet. It’s about learning new skills that will benefit Preschoolers and toddlers in their day to day lives and the lead up to starting school.

We specialise in teaching Pre school children to develop these wonderful skills listed below:

Socialising and interacting with other children –
Socialising with other children is not only fun but a beneficial skill for making new friends and in some cases life long friends. Whilst interacting with other kids their age they are watching and absorbing the behaviours of other children which they learn from. Not only is the socialising great for the children but also for the parents and carers. You are able to meet and mingle with other parents with children of the same age group with similar interests.

Following Instruction –
Listening and watching demonstrations to learn techniques

Confidence –
Ballet Classes build children’s confidence and self esteem as they master new skills.

Imagination –
Whilst dancing through a playful story, embarking on an adventure and becoming different characters your child’s imagination will flourish.

Keeping your toddlers and preschoolers moving helps release energy, improve muscle development and co ordination, relieve stress and keeps the brain stimulated.

Introduction to a classroom environment –
Ballet classes are a great way to ease your child into a classroom environment. Children will know what is to be expected in a class whilst becoming familiar with the structure and routine of the class. Kids love routine and are always learning at their best when this is applied. The children will also Develop independence which will benefit them greatly before starting school.
Coming to ballet class will teach the children to settle into the classroom without a parent or guardian and to think ahead as to what they will need for Ballet eg) shoes, sticker book etc.

Ballerina/Ballerino Manners –
Simply saying please and thank you.
Listening to our fellow dancers when they are speaking.
Watching our fellow dancers whilst they dance – this is how we learn.
Waiting your turn.
Supporting, comforting and being kind to other dancers.

Bouncy Ballerinas is a beautiful class choreographed for kids aged 3-4 Years. Over the term period we will dance through two fascinating fairytale stories setting the scene with intriguing props and costumes, themed music and our beautiful dancing. Viewing weeks will be held in weeks five and ten of each term for our loved ones to come in and watch our progression.

Balletic Ballerinas is a wonderful class created for kids aged 4-5 Years. During the term we will experience two of our most loved Fairytale stories through a well structured, magical syllabus that will teach us new skills and progress with the old skills thought playful fun. Viewing weeks will be held in weeks five and ten of each term so we can share with you the magic of Ballet.

Bouncy Ballerinas
Bouncy Ballerinas