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Preschool Ballet

From an early age my Mother saw a little girl with a real love for dance. She watched my graceful movements and powerful imagination blossom. My constant leaping down shopping aisles and magical twirls led to my parents enrolling me in my first Ballet class. I still remember the overwhelming excitement of putting on my first satin Ballet slippers, stepping into my elegant, shimmering tutu and hearing the echoing piano music drifting down the school hallway. Every lesson was filled with giggles, laughter and twirls and had me asking how many days until I could go back to class. Those giggles, laughs and twirls is what has led me to a life surrounded by dance inspiring the creation of Bouncy Ballerinas.

Located throughout the beautiful Gold Coast Bouncy Ballerinas offer Magical Pre School Ballet classes for ages 2  – 6 years of age. Little Ballerinas and Ballerinos will be transported into the wonderful world of our most loved Fairytales with dazzling props, intriguing music and adventurous Ballet. Your tiny dancer will be so captivated they won’t even realise they are mastering the elegant art form that is Ballet.

At Bouncy Ballerinas your little star can bounce into a fun, upbeat and nurturing classroom environment whilst developing fundamental social, motor and coordination skills.

There are three delightful classes at Bouncy Ballerinas that have specific learning objectives for the different Toddler and Pre School age groups.

Bubba Ballerinas is our Toddler class where you get to dance and experience Ballet by your precious dancers side. Watching their tiny steps and big smiles is magic in itself. Each week your tiny dancer will be taken on a different adventure of playful fun whilst learning the basics of Ballet such as  energetic Jumps and elegant Tondus. Not only will they be learning Ballet but other important skills such as sharing, socializing and following simple classroom etiquette.

Bouncy Ballerinas, Balletic Ballerinas and Pre-Primary are for our Pre School kids who will continue to develop essential skills, movements and positions whilst engrossed in classic Fairytales and popular stories. Over the term we will dance our way through two magical stories so the dancers are familiar and confident with the learning objectives of that age group whilst of course … having a whole lot of fun with our fellow Ballerinas and Ballerinos.

At Bouncy Ballerinas our doors are always open welcoming little dancers throughout the term. So Please feel free to Trial a Class anytime and tip toe into a whirlwind of exciting adventures.

Welcome to the Magic of Ballet at Bouncy Ballerinas!


Bouncy Ballerinas
Bouncy Ballerinas