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About us

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From an early age my Mother saw a little girl with a real love for dance. She watched my graceful movements and powerful imagination blossom. My constant leaping down shopping aisles and magical twirls led to my parents enrolling me in my first Ballet class. I still remember the overwhelming excitement of putting on my first satin Ballet slippers, stepping into my elegant, shimmering tutu and hearing the echoing piano music drifting down the school hallway. Every lesson was filled with giggles, laughter and twirls and had me asking how many days until I could go back to class. Those giggles, laughs and twirls is what has led me to a life surrounded by dance inspiring the creation of Bouncy Ballerinas.

Located throughout the beautiful Gold Coast Bouncy Ballerinas offer Magical Pre School Ballet classes for ages 2  – 6 years of age. Little Ballerinas and Ballerinos will be transported into the wonderful world of our most loved Fairytales, stories and adventures with dazzling props, intriguing music and adventurous Ballet. Your tiny dancer will be so captivated they won’t even realise they are mastering the elegant art form that is Ballet.

At Bouncy Ballerinas we pride ourselves on delivering fun and engaging classes that are the highlight of your Childs week. This is why we have created a cleverly crafted and unique Ballet curriculum. Our curriculum fuses together Stories and Play based learning to foster strong Ballet foundations whilst inspiring creativity & imagination as well as learning rhythm, free movement, co – ordination, social skills & motor skills. This blissful combination creates an abundance of benefits to your Childs learning but most importantly it makes leaning Ballet ENGAGING & FUN!

There are three delightful classes at Bouncy Ballerinas that have specific learning objectives for the different Toddler and Pre School age groups.

Bubba Ballerinas is our Toddler class where you (the parent/carer) get to dance and experience Ballet by your precious little dancers side. Watching their tiny steps and big smiles is magic in itself. Each week your tiny dancer will twirl through a playful story adventure whilst learning the basics of Ballet such as energetic Jumps and strong marches. Not only will they be learning Ballet but other important skills such as sharing, socializing and following simple instruction.

Bouncy Ballerinas, Balletic Ballerinas and Pre-Primary are for our Pre School kids who will continue to develop essential skills, movements and positions whilst engrossed in classic Fairytales and popular stories. Over the term we will dance our way through two magical stories so the dancers are familiar and confident with the learning objectives of that age group whilst of course … having a whole lot of fun with our fellow Ballerinas and Ballerinos.

At Bouncy Ballerinas our doors are always open welcoming little dancers throughout the term. So Please feel free to Trial a Class anytime and tip toe into a whirlwind of exciting adventures.

Welcome to the Magic of Ballet at Bouncy Ballerinas!


How We Teach

Do you remember those nights as a small child, snuggled up in bed having a bedtime story read to you? You felt safe and secure whilst you sat still enthralled in the storyline. Eyes wide awaiting what was going to happen next. Mouth open, thinking & asking questions. Feeling all kinds of emotions as the story unfolded- Happy, nervous, sad, excited.

Stories create magic, a sense of wonder and teach us numerous things about ourselves and life in general. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of teaching and goes hand in hand with play-based learning, keeping children engaged and making learning FUN which is what dancing at Bouncy Ballerinas is all about.

But did you know of all the other hidden benefits for children that come with stories???

• Improves listening skills –
Storytelling engages children’s concentration for a longer period of time making them more attentive listeners.
• Improves memory & recall skills –
Because we have more attentive listening through storytelling students are able to process and comprehend what is happening with in the story. Students will memorize certain words, phrases and certain events within the story.
• Enhances Communication skills –
Stories assist children to communicate and express their thoughts, feelings and ideas. As curiosity grows children start to ask questions and even put forward problem solving suggestions/ideas.
• Enhances imagination & creativity–
Stories introduce children to new places, ideas, creatures and the “make believe world”. Being able to envision settings and characters as the story unfolds will enhance your child’s imagination and creativity.
• Prepares children for school –
Stories are a great steppingstone for children into the academic world that is school. It makes this progression a more natural move as focus, attention, listening & expressing themselves has already been practiced.

Play is the work of the child – Maria Montessori

Play is the most natural and intuitive way of learning for children whilst feeling safe and secure to try new things and experiment with the unknown.
Play appeals to children and their inquisitive nature motivating them to make connections, explore and find interests within their learning environment.

• Cognitive Development –
By playing children learn to use their imagination & creativity, enhance their communication, stimulate their memory & develop their problem-solving skills.
• Gross and fine Motor skills –
strengthen large and small muscle groups and enhance co- ordination.
• Co-operation & Teamwork
• Builds independence
• Builds confidence & self-esteem.

As you can see, some of the amazing benefits from Storytelling and play based learning overlap enforcing and reiterating what we are learning within our nurturing dance space.
It really is a recipe for SUCCESS!

Our Story

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There once lived a girl with a magical story book, a book that had endless amounts of stories and characters within. As she started reading three little fairies fluttered out, waved their magical wands and gifted her with a shimmering tutu & Satin Ballet slippers. Her feet couldn’t stop dancing and without giving it another thought she leapt into the Magical Story Book. Floating through wonderous stories she encountered Magical scenes, enchanted lands and places she had never encountered before. Spinning and leaping through the different scenes in the stories she became curiouser and curiouser. As she focused in on her curiosity, she started asking questionsfeeling emotions & even having problem solving ideas. Like every good story there is always a helpful character, and this lucky little lady was surrounded by characters who also could not stop dancing. Their favourite type of dance was Ballet and as they performed steps, they would chuckle funny words like Pirouette, Grand Jete & Sauté. Over time she started to memorize these words, practice these steps & master these skills. Feeling confident and fulfilled the little girl asked the fairies to fly her home. She took off her Shimmering Tutu and hung up her Satin Ballet shoes but couldn’t stop thinking about the next time the fairies would taker he on another adventure into the Magical story book.


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Bouncy Ballerinas
Bouncy Ballerinas